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Episode 77: Opening and Reopening

The panel discusses the first signs of a post Covid Melrose, the new businesses in town, the candidates for City Council, Incentive Zoning, Mike Carraggi’s near-death experience, and more!

Episode 75: You Don’t Know Until You Know

The panel gets into a heated discussion about all the latest Melrose discourse while Tom Champ encourages people to relax, plus Earth Week, new Covid rules, water main break live on the air, incentive zoning, building on slopes, and more!

Episode 74: The Burrito Wars

The panel tackles tough issues like burritos, booze, and ice cream. Plus all the latest news and special guest Demi Dubois tells us all about the fantastic Earth Week happenings in town.

Episode 73: Dugan It!

The panel celebrates a top fan, reviews the latest news, and talks with Rabbi Jessica Lowenthal from Temple Beth Shalom about her first year in town and her role in leading the temple.

Episode 72: Community Conversations

The panel covers all the latest news and invites a special guest to talk about having community conversations on controversial topics – Colleen Guida of Wakefield tells us what it has been like from her seat on the School Committee while discussing mascot...