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Episode 120: Happy Hours Around Town

Gail Infurna and Jess Dugan join the panel to talk about all the latest news and events happening in town and the new podcast where two Melrosians who don’t know each other have an interesting chat about each other and Melrose.

Episode 119: Let’s Rock, Melrose

Local musicians Johnny Sorice (Spotted Owls) and Andrew Gravel (The Gravel Project) to discuss each of their new albums, the local music scene that we wish we had, and the process of making music.

Episode 117: Make a Difference

The panel covers lots of local news including the collection of items for Ukrainian people, the mayor’s state of the city address and announcements, and discusses the Melrose Reads program with special guests Manjula Karemecheti, Nora Tsoutsis, and Linda Gardener. All...